MovieMe! is all about bringing memories to life again. This picture of my family brings back great memories of growing up in Florida and enjoying most of our weekends at New Smyrna Beach. I wish my Mom was in this picture but I am incredibly grateful for her taking this of me walking with Dad along with my sister and brother. A perfect Saturday would be a day at the beach ending it in our swimming pool at home to wash the rest of the sand off. Dad didn’t like that part, so much. 🙂

Notice how none of us are posing for this picture…don’t always make your pictures about getting everyone’s attention to smile. Take some action shots of your family while they are occupied. I wish we had videotape of our Saturdays as a family. Even if it is 30 seconds here and 30 seconds there, it will make a difference to a child or grandchild down the road.

Do you have a summer that you would like to relive? Think of the music that played back then. Combine those two elements into a movie makes for a fun trip down memory lane. What pictures or places bring back fun summertime memories for you?


2 responses to “Summertime

  1. I think this is a wonderful concept to capture great memories of special moments in our lives. I am looking forward to our upcoming projects.

    Nova Adams

  2. Thanks Nova! I’m looking forward to putting your mother-in-law’s birthday movie together for you.

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