Behind the Scenes

How many times have you stood behind the scenes (your camera) and took shots of everyone but refused to include yourself? I fell into the same trap my Mom did when we were growing up, always taking pictures of everyone else. First of all, it is usually the Moms, who want the perfect picture(s) of their family but as women we have a tendency to think we are not pretty enough and insist on taking the picture. I heard a comment from our pastor, Andy Stanley from Northpoint Community Church, sharing the fact us women will LOVE pictures of ourself ten years from now. So true, huh?! I’ve tried to put myself into more pictures and just suck it up. If I’m not grateful now, I’ll be grateful years from now. haha

One evening on vacation, I was doing just fine behind the camera (yes, that is a camera bag on my shoulder) until one of my husband’s work colleague on this Awards Club trip suggested I get into the picture. Am I glad now I have a picture of what ended up being a really fun evening? Yes.

Are you guilty of hanging out behind the “scenes?” Share one of your “behind the scenes” picture that you now wish you were in. Or show us how you’ve stepped into the picture!


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