4 Ideas on How to Organize your Photos

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When I introduce my business to folks, the first response is the stress over addressing the piles of pictures that need to be organized, sitting in shoeboxes.  Now with technology, they sit in a virtual shoebox. As much as we treasure our photos, we tend to back away from them. Technology has spoiled us to the point we have so many we just don’t know what to do with them.  So they sit. Allow me to make a few suggestions that might help you get past the initial ‘ugh’ phase and on to something a little more productive. Who knows, maybe turn it into a family gift for someone this year.

Part of what stops us is, “how do I organize so many pictures.” How many times have you found the kids reminiscing through the pictures only to find them all out-of-order. Here are a few easy fool-proof steps to help you over the biggest hurdle when it comes to organizing pictures.

  1. You want to put together an album, photo book, movie, etc….but not sure where to start with all your pictures? Buy some Post-It tabs with a 50-100-200 count and start marking all your favorites. Once you’ve run out of tabs, you know how many you’ve chosen and you can go back and delete or choose more.
  2. If you prefer to organize with the actual photos, label shoeboxes perhaps Elementary, Middle, High School, College, etc….pictures do not need to be in order but by phase of life.
  3. Or let us convert the old media for you by bringing us the the box of pictures/drawer and we will download, in whatever order, to a CD. You have preserved them even if you never did anything else with them. Make two copies, one for the house and one for your firebox or safety deposit box. Insurance can never replace your memories.
  4. If you are a Mac/Apple user there is an option in iPhoto that makes organizing a bit easier. Download your newly made CD of pictures into iPhoto and Go to File;  click New;  click Album. Name the album and now drag your photos to this album. In Albums you are now able to drag and move your photos around and organize them.
What are your tricks of keeping or getting pictures organized? There are photo organizational programs such as Picasa, Shutterfly and Snapfish. Have these programs helped you stay organized with your photos? Are they easy to use? Please comment below.

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