Christmas in August?

Seriously, how could I even bring up the holiday in August? Do we have to be reminded so early?  I know, I know but when other parents would see or hear about this gift, they immediately wanted it for their own student but it would be too late. No amount of money can buy this gift on the spot. This gift requires some forethought and execution over a period of several months. What is it?

It is a collage of sports pictures that a local photographer takes throughout the season and blends together nicely in a beautiful frame. You can see him on the sidelines taking pictures, positioning for the best shots. His name is Sol Sims and he is the Founder of Solarview Photography. (

We hired Sol to put a collage print together for our son when he was playing football. We loved it so much we had him do another one when our son played rugby. These are priceless gifts we buy for ourselves, as well as the grandparents. Having action shots blended into one archival art print collage, brings back great memories of the season.


So keep this in mind if you are local to Atlanta and create a one of a kind gift this holiday!

Solarview Photography

404.402.9315  ~ Sol Sims


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