**MovieMe! Announcement**

One of the many reasons I started this business is because I enjoy making memories come back to life in form of a ‘movie.’ It’s about telling a story using the client’s photos, perhaps some video clips and their favorite music. A couple of months ago we were approached by a photography vendor, who liked our work and wanted to discuss blending our two services into a fusion package for brides. The ideal situation is to form an alliance with someone who shares your same values. We’ve met such a vendor. Today we are excited to announce an alliance with Randall Granier Photography. See his examples at http://www.randallgranier.com.

Randall Granier Photography specializes in photographic storytelling for weddings and family photography. He immerses himself in to his subjects and then translates their personal stories into images that are meaningful and stylish. His dominant style compares to editorial lifestyle photography, emphasizing story-telling with emotion and energy.

We have teamed up with Randall Granier Photography to offer multimedia Fusion Packages for brides. We are the perfect option for brides, who would like to showcase a ‘growing up’ movie during their rehearsal dinner or would like a ‘movie’ made of their special day set to their favorite love songs. This is a beautiful keepsake and a wonderful thank you present to share with friends and family. Below is a Bride’s Review from our page –>www.fb.com/MovieMe.

If you know of someone getting married, please share the Randall Granier/MovieMe! alliance. Mention this blog and you’ll receive a free wedding commercial of your day. Commercial is about 1:30 minutes long and would contain the highlights of your day. Good through December 2011!


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