Look Who’s Talking!

” I wanted to surprise my husband with a video of our 45 years of married life, but had NO idea where to begin. MovieMe.co guided and encouraged me through all the steps, and made my vision become a beautiful, touching, DVD that is incredibly professionally made, and we are beyond thrilled. The thing that amazes me most, is the care and the heart with which it was all accomplished, and from the beginning to the end, it was a pure pleasure working with you on this priceless family treasure.
Thank you MovieMe.co!!!!!!
” I just had to tell Danielle that I wanted to do a video to promote my book. The next thing I know I received a link to a video with the perfect concept. I sent her the photos and music and like that I had a finished product. Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iveDC_zedgY
I recently resigned from an organization that I spent 10 years building from the ground up. It was very tough leaving behind over 100 of my fellow faculty and staff as well as students and parents. Two days before my final day of work, my wife presented me with a video from MovieMe. MovieMe interviewed many of my co-workers, students and families speaking to how I touched their life. The MovieMe video was very professionally done and I was blown away with quality. I’m eternally grateful to my wife for contacting MovieMe. MovieMe did everything right producing a keep-sake that I will cherish forever!
” Nothing could be more meaningful than to have your most memorable moments so beautifully captured on one DVD. Thank you MovieMe! for helping me remember the birth of my first grandbaby in such a creative way! We will treasure it for years to come(And the parents love it too!) I look forward to working with you again, Danielle on that second one!
” As I sit here the day after graduation, I just want to thank MovieMe for making a beautiful memory for my family. We have viewed this movie over and over. I cry every time I watch it. Thank you Danielle for a fantastic job. Love it!!!!
” Danielle and Movie Me have put together the most amazing wedding video for Tom and me. She has intertwined video, still photos, and both live and recorded audio in a way that captures every element of that day. We love reliving it–thank you!!! And thank you, also, for the short trailer. You are absolutely amazing.

We love our clients and we would love to put a movie together for you! Contact us either on our Facebook Wall http://www.fb.com/MovieMe or email at movieme@movieme.co.


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