How to ‘clip’ out shaky video

For those of you who have asked for more of the technical background on putting a movie together…here it is!

This weekend we had a dear friend get baptized. I noticed her family and friends were not taking pictures/video so I recruited my husband to take pictures with my camera, while I videotaped. Yes, I keep my equipment with me at all times! I was a little shaky with some of the video so I had to be creative when I put the movie together. Initially, I wasn’t sure how to drop the shaky part without losing the audio from the ceremony. Let me share what I learned…here are a few fun tricks in blending your movie with pictures and video.

The movie software I use is iMovie’11.  The single video clip contained some shaky parts so I ‘split’ the clip and added a ‘transition adjustment’ to avoid a quick jump between the clips. On the video clip that was shaky, I ‘detached’ the audio and erased the video clip. I laid the ‘detached audio’ on a couple pictures my husband had taken within the same timeframe. Then for some dramatic effect, I laid the music down but adjusted it lower on the frames where the gentleman is talking. I love the score from Transformers by Steve Jablonsky. Great build up to the immersion of the baptism and plays well through the last pictures. Unfortunately, I cannot post copyright music so I’ve applied a royalty free song and posted it on MovieMe! Check it out…

What fun effects do you use when putting a movie together? We’d love to learn from you!


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