Engagement/Wedding Ideas

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If you are engaged or know someone who is getting married then the next two blogs are for you. Like a photographer, MovieMe! enjoys capturing different events of life. We have put together movies such as Football Movies for graduating seniors, Birthday Movies, Valentine Movies, Baptism Movies, Weddings, etc…the idea is to create a unique look back at your favorite memories in fun way to share with family and friends.

In this blog, we will discuss some Engagement/Wedding ideas that you can join into your dream event that create lasting memories and next week we will take a look at telling your story in a ‘movie.’

One of the ideas I have run across that I love is an idea I found on http://bit.ly/eBjCaX. Whether it is for Valentine’s Day or a special engagement gift for your honey, this gift takes some work but incredibly special to look back upon.

Another idea is to use photo tags of the people attending your rehearsal dinner or use these as the tags to show people where they will sit at your reception. Credits go to http://bit.ly/15Tpi.

During our wedding we had the fun idea of putting disposable cameras on each of the reception tables. We loved this idea until we had the pictures developed….90% of the pictures had been taken by children. Of course, we didn’t mind them taking a few but we had 20 cameras distributed throughout the room. haha Yes, the joke was on us so if you use this idea, hand out the cameras to the adults and encourage them to take pictures. And don’t forget to have an obvious place for them to be dropped off at the end of the evening. We did get a few pictures that we love and are grateful to see the evening through the eyes of our guests.

Share some engagement/wedding ideas you have come across on our MovieMe page with us!


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