Your MovieMe for Brides and Brides-to-be!

Last week we talked about some memorable unique ways to show your newly engaged partner how much you love them or tag your guests at a reception or even catch different points of view through the eyes of your guests. This week we will share ‘movie’ ideas that have been used by other brides.

Lately there has been an increase in couples sharing videos to ‘Save the Date.’ One couple we worked with chose to make a Valentine’s Day movie since they weren’t engaged yet. You can see it on this blog – it’s the first video. Or you can ‘like’ a page that showcases ‘Save the Date’ videos from time to time for ideas. It’s called We are different from the video companies, in that we take existing photos or video you already have and blend it together for a unique look.

It’s the day after your wedding and even though you are on your honeymoon, wouldn’t you love to see some photos from the wedding?! That is our speciality and why we’ve partnered up with Randall Granier Photography. An example of our work is These trailers are less than two minutes but are powerful. Randall’s team not only takes incredible pictures but also captures video of your special moments. We blend these together into a short trailer to share with family and friends shortly after your ceremony.

A different approach to having your wedding photos/video showcased is to blend both of them. Typically brides have to hire both a photographer and a videographer. A dear friend hired us to take her photos and set it to her favorite music. We did just that…here is her review:

” I am MovieMe.Co biggest fan! Danielle has taken pictures from my wedding day and placed these beautiful moments into a timeless video. I tear up every time I watch it. She was able to intuitively piece together my wedding and enhance the most important moments. She was very detailed and extremely open and responsive to any changes or add ons. My husband and I are kicking ourselves for even hiring a videographer because we enjoy watching Danielle’s video more than their actual footage of the wedding. Danielle, we can never thank you enough for such a priceless keepsake!” Akiliah Evans

And for all those brides whose wedding was years ago, consider pulling out your photos and any video you have, chose your favorite love songs and make a ‘movie’ for your next anniversary. You will cherish it in a special different way.

We would love to help you make these ideas come true. Leave us a comment on our facebook wall or if you’d rather email us at We now have a $100 credit giveaway on our facebook page Enter to win by ‘sharing’ our giveaway post. Many thanks for your interest in our blog!


2 responses to “Your MovieMe for Brides and Brides-to-be!

  1. you have given me an idea for our anniversary we have an unseen for many years video cant wait to do something for our anniversary now

    Handmade By me make beautiful Wedding Invitations

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