Creative Ideas for Birthdays

Do you have a family member or friend’s birthday coming up? Check out this fun way to share memories with them! Credits go to Holly Burns – her blog Click on link to read about this lovely idea.

We also love surprise birthday parties! This party (movie link below picture) wasn’t your typical – let’s hide inside and jump out when they walk in – surprise party. A gal at the party suggested we stand in the driveway so when her husband drives them home, we would all be standing there waving and yelling, “Surprise!” I love the look on the wife’s face as she tries to understand why a bunch of people are standing in her driveway. Inside the house, her husband had flowers arranged and food set out, ready for a party. Be sure to videotape your next birthday party and blend with pictures to make a movie…it’s fun to send out afterwards for everyone to relive the moments!          **Original music not included to avoid copyright infringement This is a small snapshot of the original movie.**

 Do you have any unique ideas to share with our MovieMe community? Share them on our facebook wall!

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