Who are you missing at Thanksgiving?

Do you find your memories fading of a loved one that has passed? I find it difficult to remember my Dad’s voice or sometimes my sister will mention a memory I had completely forgotten about him. There’s nothing like photos or film/video to bring memories rushing back. A client recently found some old film (circa 1960s) with scribbled notes on the cover indicating grandparents and great grandparents were on the film. My own grandmother, who grew up in The Netherlands experienced some of the traumas of World War II. Several times I have kicked myself for not taping her stories about the war, especially since she passed away a couple of years ago….and then a miracle happened. My cousin, who had been over there 5 years ago, not only taped but videotaped the ‘war conversation’ with my grandmother. When I asked to borrow the tapes so I could digitize them and make a gift for my mother, I was told the tapes were lost. My cousin and her family had moved several times and could not find the tapes. I was heartbroken. Sometimes it’s better never knowing there were tapes in existence, right?! Well fortunately, there is a happy ending. She did finally find the box of tapes.  Here’s a picture of my grandmother when I was a baby.

Obviously, I am incredibly excited to share this gift with her children – my Mom, Aunts and Uncle. Do you have precious memories you want to relive?

Each generation has obstacles to deal with when it comes to the organization factor of photos/film/videos. Our past generation would develop the pictures or film and have the task of labeling or else lose track of time when events happened. Today’s generation doesn’t develop near as much and has the dilemma of everything being left online. Do you have old 8mm film or super 8’s you need to get converted? videotapes? VCR/VHS tapes?

On a weekly basis, we take our client’s media to http://www.nostalgicmedia.com and receive a group discount, which we pass along to you. Don’t let another day pass by….don’t worry about the organizing factor. Just put your photos/film/video in a box and get them converted. Organizing it once it is in digital form is so much easier. What memories do you want to recover?


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