Let’s – Get – a Little Bit Rowdy!

I’ll jump on the thankful bandwagon of what I was thankful for this past Thanksgiving. I’ve been really blessed. Over two years ago, I was fortunate enough to resign from my 20 year corporate sales position. Because of our shift in how we managed money, over 5 years ago, we have increased our quality of life. This quality of life is not seen in material possessions but in our time together. Our sacrifices have allowed me to continue staying at home and investing my time, that would have been spent at work, with our family. It has also allowed me to build a small business that not only provides income but is incredibly fun to do.

Just recently, I was asked to put a Cheer Video together for an end of the year banquet. It was quite a challenge to put it together in one week but nothing like working under pressure, right?!  Initially, it was only the JV, which my stepdaughter is a part of, and then it very quickly became the whole high school squad, Freshmen up through Varsity. What an incredible opportunity to build a movie for so many families and be a part of my stepdaughter’s banquet in a special way. Obviously, my hope is she will be proud of the final product. I received almost 800 pictures from various sources and thankfully I had taken several video clips throughout the year. Blending both still photos and video clips makes this more than just a slideshow, to me it makes it more movie-like. There’s a fun clip in the movie where my husband stands up when the JV team is doing “Let’s – Get – a Little Bit Rowdy,” by himself and waves his arm up in the air. I videotaped this both from behind Dad and in front of Dad, giving the audience both views. The best part is when Dad thinks the cheer is over and starts clapping and watching his daughter laugh from embarrassment. Did he really just do that?! haha

To date, I haven’t put a movie together for such a large audience. Saturday afternoon I finalized the packaging of the DVDs into clear plastic bags with red and white ribbons along with a postcard about MovieMe. Ironically, my husband and I will be out of town and cannot attend the banquet. I can’t believe I will miss a showing of my own movie! If there is a chance to catch an earlier flight, my plan will be to make the banquet. It would be fun to watch the audience’s reaction!

I am grateful for my family, I am grateful to stay home (thank you husband!), I am grateful to have a small business and with this recent project, I am grateful to contribute towards my stepdaughter’s cheerleading banquet event! Go Eagles!!


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