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With regards to last week’s blog: , I had a response that perhaps might answer where I go with this situation. At the end of my blog, I posed the question of how does MovieMe! and folks who don’t have access to cameras tie together? A new friend of mine shared what Jeremy Cowart is doing to bring photographers/videographers together for those who wouldn’t normally have access to professional photography, including the homeless, single parents, the elderly, veterans and many more. It is called

Here is an excerpt from Jeremy Cowart’s blog:

Last year I was doing Help-Portrait in Seattle and I noticed a woman standing in the corner with her 4 kids. She seemed very quiet and lonely. So I went over and spent some time with her. I quickly learned that she had just moved from Palestine to Seattle. Her husband suddenly passed away a few weeks earlier from a heart attack. Then someone tried to kill her son by driving over him with a car as a part of the Israel/Palestine conflict. She had enough, packed up her stuff and somehow moved her family to Seattle. She said she hadn’t cooked or cleaned for weeks since being Seattle due to her severe depression.

But she somehow found out about Help-Portrait and brought her kids over. In her broken english, she explained to me that while her husband was alive, they never ONCE had a family picture taken together. Not one photo. So she handed me a photo of her husband and asked if I could add him into the photo to create their first ever family photo.

See how the story ends by going to:

My hope is to blend the photos into a short montage and bring awareness to the people involved. I’m excited about this opportunity to work together for a cause that creates memories for people, aligning with what I love to do…making memories come to life in the form of a movie.


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