As we ramp up for the New Year, we have already been blessed with several different opportunities. Some of the first questions are, “How do I get started?” Each project is different so let me provide some generalities.

Case A – Rehearsal Dinner

A ‘movie’ shown at the Rehearsal Dinner is a fun way to showcase the soon-to-be-married couple. Both sides of the family have probably not seen the fiance(e) as a baby or the growing up years, so I encourage any type of video to incorporate along with the photos. Ideally, the music reflects the time period of photos/video clips shown. One previous Rehearsal Dinner ‘movie,’ the couple had video clips when they were growing up dancing in their living room. We blended the two together…a match made in heaven! If you don’t have video, try to find similar themes to pictures. For example, beach photos, amusement park photos, graduation photos…show walking through life with similar backgrounds or show just how different the two of you are.

Case B – Celebration of Life

Lately there has been a different approach to remembering someone after they have passed. Yes, there is still mourning the loss of a significant friend/family member but there is also a celebration of the life that they lived. A particular project we are currently reviewing is a gentleman and his two sons, who lost their wife/mother to cancer within a relatively short time. Her wish was to memorialize her life with a celebration party. The beauty of this project is the husband and sons have put together a beautiful story, using her reflections written down over the years. The goal is to have the story narrated while showcasing photos, quotes, video and even some YouTube footage.

Case C – Graduation

A mother of triplets called today wanting a ‘movie’ made of her 3 boys, who are graduating this May. This is by far the most popular ‘movie’ we make for families. I am grateful they are starting this process early because this is what is required of them before it even makes it to my computer. Photos from years of albums need to be identified. Using post it tape (50, 100 or 200 count) is an easy way to identify your photos without worrying about the count. 200 photos makes a 13 minute ‘movie’…use this as a baseline. Send all the photos to be scanned to along with the video clips that need to be converted onto DVDs. Last but not least, I recommend 10 songs, preferably from the particular time period of growing up while moving into songs later in the teenage years that the boys would like. Once complete, it is ready to be sent to us!

Next week we will talk about the process once it is in our court.

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas, as well as a starting point for your own ‘movie.’ Let us roll out the red carpet for your story and we will MovieYOU!


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