How Do I Put Pictures Together for a Video?

Last week we talked about the different type of ‘movie’ requests we receive, like Rehearsal Dinner movies, Celebration of a Life movie, Graduation movies, etc… This week we want to share what happens once the project is in our court.

The first review takes place with the pictures. Are they in order, do they need retouching, rotate into proper position? Once each individual picture is cleaned up, I drag them into a specific file that allows me to pull those pictures up without going through my entire library of 20,000 photos. Once I’ve loaded them into the movie software, I decide how much movement I want on each picture and who I want to stand out. There is a lot of love and attention taken in this step.

After the pictures have been finalized, I add in the video clips according to the timeline. Adding video clips, brings another dimension to the movie. I make sure the clip is trimmed down to the right scene.

Then the music, chosen by the client, is laid out on top of the pictures and video. Does the music flow? Does it tell the story? Does it need to be shorter? or does the picture need to hang for just a few more seconds. As you can see, the creative art in making a movie happens during the project, not before. I can never promise a client what the end result will look like but I can promise they will be happy with the final product.

Before I burn the final product onto DVDs, I send a link to the client for final review. This allows for any minor adjustments. Once I receive the ‘thumbs up,’ the movie is burned! Being able to share a link is ideal because it allows both local and remote clients to use our services.

Making a movie takes patience, passion and love for the story being told. Do you have a story you’d like to make into a movie?


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