Last week we shared how to overcome that pile of photos staring back at you:

Usually, the next question is how does MovieMe pricing work? Because there are so different facets to the pricing let me break it down in 3 sections:

  • How many photos do you want to share? Who is your audience? From there I guide folks with a baseline example of 100 pictures will produce a 7 minute movie. The picture pricing is divided as follows:

25 or fewer is $75
26-50 is $125
51-100 is $175, etc…

  • Second, I ask if there are any video clips available. Adding video clips really adds another dimension to the ‘movie.’

Both converting the media into a downloadable file and editing are $10 each. For example, if you have two video clips on 1 DVD. It would be $10 to download the one DVD into the movie software and $20 to edit the two video clips.

  • Third, I ask for favorite songs that follow the timing of the pictures. Doing a growing up ‘movie’ for your husband, choose music from his high school times, college, etc… Music is bought on iTunes with no markup to you. All music is laid on the movie and burned on the DVD. You also receive a CD copy of all the music used in the movie and I delete it off my database to stay within legal limits.

So what do we have?

100 Photos = $175

2 Video Clips on 1 DVD = $30

iTunes (3 songs) = $1.29 x 3 = $3.87

Movie of your family and friends to share forever = Priceless!


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