Calling all Musicians!

In this day and age of the Internet, it has been easy to share and listen to music but unfortunately, the sharing of music especially online is considered stealing.

“Being the owner of a song has its perks for sure.  Essentially, no one can play your song without you receiving money for it.  When another company or band wants to play your song, they pay you, this grants them a license to play your song.  The money that you’ve just made from your song is the publishing.  The more popular your song, the more people will want to sing it, and the more people who want to sing it, the more money you will make.  Basically there are four different areas income from publishing can come: print, synchronization, mechanical, and performance. ” (Music Law)

Sharing can be as innocent as putting your favorite song on a video of your baby dancing and posting it to YouTube, Facebook, etc… There was a case where a mother had Prince playing in the background and her baby was running around the kitchen. With the viral nature of this video, the mother soon received a letter from Universal Music accusing her of copyright infringement. We can no longer plead ignorance. Using music even if it is purchased properly and credits are given to the artist are not enough…you have to buy a license to play an artist’s music.

So with that said, most of you know I use royalty music to showcase the movies I make into small commercials. It certainly lacks the emotional tug. I would love to showcase music that has more meaning, more words. Are you a musician? Do you sing? Share your talents with us and we can showcase your music on our commercials, providing exposure for you and in turn, have a richer more meaningful commercials for MovieMe!

There are several ways to reach us if you are interested in sharing your music…you can post here under the blog, you can message us on or tweet us @MovieMeco. We look forward to hearing from you!


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