3D Memories!

Dana Burkhart, owner of Artsy Aunt, is a Georgia native with Art and Communications degrees from Mercer University.  Her professional experience ranges from television promotion to nonprofit marketing and events to creating artwork to liven the home, nursery, and office.

MovieMe does fantastic work preserving memories.  The videos take you back to pivotal moments and allow you to savor the music, the fads, and the moments.  How did you look as a child?  How did you interact with your siblings, parents, and grandparents?  Look at those clothes! 

Capturing moments somehow makes them more real.  “Been there, done that, took the picture.”  The miracle that we are able to capture moments allows us to re-experience them: to taste those Thanksgiving favorites spread across the table, to feel the butterflies as we were about to wed, to hear the voice of the wise one we miss so much.

I discovered the art of bellycasting five years ago and have been hooked ever since.  A plaster cast is made of an expectant mother’s bosom and belly as close to her due date as possible.  Having a three-dimensional representation of this tender moment allows a mother to capture the inexplicable bond she experiences with her child.  In fact, many mothers are unable to see the fullness and beauty of their own bodies until they are standing next to the cast.  I’ve heard heartwarming stories that parents have used the cast hanging in the room to tell a child that a brother or sister is forming in Mommy’s tummy—and it will grow “this big!”

In addition to capturing the size and texture of mother and child, I enjoy working with shapes, lines, and color to show the child’s nursery and his/her parents’ artistic expression.  The images we surround ourselves with become large parts of tomorrow’s memories.  Not only do the designs we choose reflect ourselves, but they will someday be an adult’s memory of “my room when I was little.” 

Experience your current surroundings as a memory and ask yourself if you (or someone you love) would like to remember a bit more feeling, whimsy, color, or life.




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