Do you tweet? We didn’t…

To Tweet or not to Tweet….my first take on Twitter land was not to tweet. I was confused by the @ and # tags and how in the world do you reply and know who is talking?! So I avoided this social media scene initially and then I soon learned you can avoid certain social media avenues but you will also avoid potential clients, who might enjoy Twitter over Facebook. So my ignorance over this social avenue was a really poor excuse. It was time to get on board and learn to share enough to personalize our brand, MovieMe. I can’t say I have been consistent but I have made Twitter a priority. It’s hard to believe more than 650 tweets have been tweeted. You can find us @MovieMeco

A couple of weeks ago, one of my dear girlfriends was throwing her husband a birthday party. I met her son for the first time along with his gorgeous girlfriend, Brittaney Thayer. As we hung out, I learned Brittaney was in advertising, studying at UGA. As we hung out, I learned Brittaney was in advertising, studying at UGA. (Go Dawgs! my stepson is a sophomore there) I have no marketing background but running a small business does not allow you the luxury to just stay in your comfort zone, so I shared my successes and failures with her. It was very enlightening to hear her thoughts on how I could have avoided some pitfalls so when she offered to intern for MovieMe, I was thrilled! You might have seen an increase in our tweets or even a sense of a different personality tweeting. You were right! Brittaney is helping us with Twitter and will continue to take on more as her schedule allows. I love learning from her and look forward to watching her next steps after graduation.

Here’s a short bio about Brittaney…please shower her with lots of ‘likes’ on our Facebook page!

I am a senior advertising major at the University of Georgia. I grew up and lived on Lake Lanier, graduating from Forsyth Cental. I am looking to become a prominent force in the advertising world today. I have good people skills that have served me well and I am excited to see how they translate into my future career. With graduation on the horizon I am looking forward to experiencing a real hands on opportunity. I know that my social media internship with the MovieMe company will further help me acquire the skills I need to start a successful career.

So, do you tweet? If not, take a moment to sign up and follow us or if you are an expert tweeter, we’d love your follow, as well. We love to learn from the best!


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