Garage Band for Narration?

I thought I had used all the applications in Apple until the latest movie project required narration. Since I’m not in a band and no longer play instruments, the application sat undiscovered. The movie project is a Memorial, which shares the journey of a beautiful wife and mother, who passed away five months ago. It was at her request to have a celebration party instead of the focus being about a funeral. The husband put together a 60 page memoir, supplementing his notes with her many journals. That in itself was an incredible feat. The next step for him was finding someone who could build this story into the many photos and video clips. We were very grateful he found MovieMe!

As you can imagine, it was very difficult to summarize the moments of their lives down to a handful number of statements and quotes. With the client’s permission, we carefully chose parts of the memoir that not only spoke to the photos/video clips but also, kept a common thread of the loving theme they had in their marriage and family.

I hired (Tom Clark) to lay narration on top of photos and video clips. He asked me how we were going to record and I told him “directly into the computer.” After he laughed to himself, he asked me again, “Seriously, how are we going to record?” Catching on, I asked back “how should we record?” He suggested a USB microphone. I bought the Yeti USB mic from Apple, for those of you who are wondering which product we used. And for those of you professionally in this field, I am turning three shades of red right now.

Having done many movies this past year, I was even taken back at how touching it was to have narration on top of photos/video clips and music playing in the background. We used Garage Band, a recording studio application. Thankfully, Tom was patient enough to bring me up to speed with this new application but like everything else Apple does, it was incredibly user-friendly.

The celebration party dinner is next weekend and we hope we have met our client’s expectations and perhaps exceeded them, at best! We look forward to sharing a commercial of the final product in the next couple weeks on



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