7 Business Suggestions for a Mini-Movie Commercial

Do you feel like you are reaching a wide enough circle of potential clients? It was when I first dived into social media where I found myself resisting Twitter. Why? Because I didn’t understand it, I didn’t have the bandwidth to spend time learning it, and would it really help my business? It was then a very smart social media expert said you can avoid Twitter but in this social media world you have to go meet your audience where they live. And that is exactly what I have found…there are people who will only do Facebook, others who will only do Twitter, some prefer Pinterest. If you do not have a voice in all the social media circles you could miss an opportunity to share your business.

One underutilized source of media is video. You know you should throw something together but the time doesn’t every seem to come around to creating it. We’ve put together a short video for Bakers…you don’t want something longer than 30 seconds. You can check it out on our Facebook page,

Imagine your company name up front and a series of photos representing your business. Even better, take short video clips of your business in action, and we can blend all of it together to make a short ‘movie.’

Once you get the hang of it, you can even start posting weekly specials. Make your videos fun and post them at the same time every week. Provide structure and you will build a following. Not sure how to get started? Give us a call and we can help you!

Here are some ideas:

  • Cupcakes – show your favorite cupcakes and announce weekly specials. Include video clips of your customers buying them!
  • Wine – are you a distributor? Get the word out showcasing your logo, use video clips testing the wine and end with a dinner shot with friends!
  • Cleaning Company – show before and after shots and videotape the cleanup to include in your mini-movie.
  • Jewelry – showcase your gorgeous pieces and/or include video of a launch party
  • Bartending – have those beautiful cocktail pictures streaming and include video of tending a wedding/convention/parties.
  • Personal Trainer – nothing showcases better than you and your body. Also, show folks how you’ve taken others to 30 lbs lighter!
  • UGA Book – Showcase your book of campus pictures into a book that turns the pages by itself in a video. More fun to watch than scrolling through still photos.

Let your personality shine through and reach a broader audience with this source of media. We’d love to help you create these mini-movies for your business! First business to comment about this blog on our Facebook page http://www.fb.com/MovieMe will receive a free mini-movie commercial for their business!

(Requirements: photos/video need to be emailed, mini-movie commercial will be no longer than 30 seconds, credits to MovieMe when you post on your website or fb page. Any requests outside of this will need to be discussed and mutually agreed upon.)


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