The Most Difficult Step ~ Getting Started

We are onto our next project…triplets graduating high school! This one has 21 short video clips to be included. This mother did a lot of pre work!

Speaking of pre work, we just received another request from California of a client wanting an individual movie done of each of her three children. I thought I would share what a first conversation looks like with MovieMe. Of course, your particular story may not be exactly the same, this will give you the framework of how to get your ‘movie’ playing at your next party!

How do I get started?

  1. First, decide what you want your storyline to be. Most folks do a birth to current age or you can highlight a particular birthday, vacation. This particular storyline is about her children. I make suggestions, such as, add some pre-children photos about how and when Mommy and Daddy got together on the first-born child’s ‘movie.’
  2. Second, once you pull all your photos and video clips together, make sure they are in chronological order. They don’t have to be perfect but you don’t want your child looking older one picture and then a baby the next, or Christmas pictures before Halloween. Your ‘movie’ is telling a story…give your ‘movie’ a beginning, middle and an end. Also, don’t stress about the order of pictures within an event. If you have several vacation pictures of the same trip, order is not as important within those pictures.
  3. Third, now that you have your pictures in order, have them scanned in that same order. Be careful where you take them! I’ve had clients who spent hours putting them together only to get them back out-of-order. Also, ask the media conversion place if they do all their work on site or if they ship them off. Our last California client, sent all his original photos to us and we had them scanned and put on DVDs.
  4. If you have the pictures on DVD, you can use Dropbox to exchange them with us. If you have no desire to bother with having them scanned or sharing via Dropbox, we can take care of them for you!
  5. As for video clips, I strongly urge finding at least one clip. It adds another element to your ‘movie.’ Again, we can have your VCR tapes/slides/videotapes/film converted for you. To save money when it comes to adding video clips, my recommendation is to find on the newly converted DVD of your media, the timed section(s) you want pulled.
  6. And finally, provide a list of songs you would like to add. Try to find songs with the time era of your photos. If your child was born in the early 90s, pick a top ten song from that timeframe. Not sure what songs you would pick, we can also help you with suggestions.
  7. Our last project included narration. You can include narration by sharing some cute stories about your child growing up.  We can do male or female voice overs in third person to give another dimension to your ‘movie.’

The hardest part is really getting started. Most photo projects seem quite intimidating and are put off for a rainy day. One tip I give to my clients, who are not sure where to get started with their pictures, is throw them into a box, have them scanned out-of-order and then order them once you review them on your computer. Sometimes that helps and lessens down on all the clutter.

Does this generate any other questions or do you have other suggestions you’d like to share with us? Thank you so much for following our blog and we look forward to hearing from you!


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