Not Enough Photos?

Do you want to put a movie together but you don’t have enough pictures, can’t find them or the pictures were lost during a move…well, we have an alternative ‘movie’ offering for you!

A couple of months ago we shared with you that we were working on a ‘movie’ of triplets graduating high school. In a couple other projects, we had videotaped family members making a surprise cameo and suggested to do the same for this ‘movie.’

The parents of these triplets agreed and we set a time and date to video their stories walking down memory lane. A friend joined me to help by videotaping the parents at the same time but at a different angle. I love including non-posed shots to make the taping look more natural. These parents were prepared! They had a script so they wouldn’t forget any of their highlights. Instead of just providing a 30 second story, they walked through the triplets’ birth – graduation. As they walked through each scenario, I recalled pictures from their original ‘movie’ we had already completed that I could blend into their story. iMovie was the perfect user-friendly software to use. During each of their stories, I would cutaway with a picture or insert picture in picture and for one particular story, I inserted video of a funny story inside the parent’s memory video. Instead of trying to tell a story with over 300 photos, we used approximately 30 photos. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for a short commercial showcasing this ‘movie’ offering.

Consider this alternative if you want to make a ‘movie’ to preserve your memories but don’t have enough pictures. Tell us what you think about this idea? Is this something you would do?


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