Video ~ Avoid or Embrace?

Do you avoid or embrace video for your business? Does it intimidate you or do you enjoy coming up with ideas? Start small and remember who your audience is. Start with a small select group of friends, who will give you honest feedback, and demo your video with them. Putting your first one out there will challenge you on what to show on your next video. You’ll look at videos differently and I guarantee you will start to emulate what you like.

Check out this demonstration video link below…this is first video. (Shot by

Wonderful surroundings help create the atmosphere! Now what may seem simple on the surface, there’s a lot more being communicated here than just a great cocktail. You are getting a feel of the business owner’s personality – she is absolutely charming and she has shared one her prized possessions – a recipe that makes her unique. This video draws me in and makes me want to know her and hire her for our next private party event!

Interested in having your own video? Call MovieMe to help promote your business!


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