Legacy Project starring You!

Many thanks for the feedback on our last blog posting Reflections and Recommendation of MovieMe! —> http://wp.me/p1lhCI-eM

Something that has been on my mind lately is we are only a couple of generations removed from not being known by our grandchildren’s children. There might be the misplaced photos they find or a home movie someone runs across but nothing that really tells a story and/or ties it all together. When I think about my stepchildren’s children’s children, what will they know about us, what will they think about our time here on earth, will they learn about us from random photos, video clips we shot and/or blogs we’ve written?

Since we are using a medium, DVDs, that are here to stay for a while vs. tapes, that deteriorate over time, why not build your own legacy project? If you read last week’s blog, you can see the daunting overwhelming experience it can be putting a movie together of someone else’s life, especially after they are gone. So you’re thinking you are too young to put one together? Or you feel it is awkward to start on something like that right now? Think of it in a different way….on your next birthday put a Year in Review together. You can choose to share or not share. But how special would it be when someone wants to showcase your life either for a decade birthday, anniversary, retirement party, etc… to edit from years of ‘movies’ you have put together. It certainly will keep you focused on the story you want to tell, the story you want your life to reflect.

Andy Stanley, a sought-after leadership communicator, author, pastor, and the founder of North Point Ministries, Inc. (NPM) says, What story do I want to tell?  – After a week, a month, a year, or longer, what story do you want to tell  about a decision or a choice you have made.  Andy says, “Do not make a choice that will make you a liar for life.  Make decisions that allow you to tell a story that you are proud to tell….  Your story is with you forever.”  Andy’s books include The Next Generation LeaderVisioneering and The Principle of the Path.

Put a movie together of your Year in Review or your children’s Year that reflects all your hopes and dreams and share that gift with friends and family! Your loved ones might learn something new about you.


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