Why Not Just Quit?

Last week I was blessed with unexpected company for a week. What made it even more special was the company was my sister, her son and his buddies. They had driven up to attend J. Robinson wrestling camp – http://www.jrobinsoncamps.com. This camp not only teaches about performance but gives the boys an appreciation for what hard work really means. I love how they taught them a deeper understanding of the skills of discipline, sacrifice, dedication, hard work, responsibility and accountability. Where else are we taught this other than our homes?

It seems when circumstances rise up and set us back, our culture says take the easy way out….back off, blame others or simply just quit. There have been moments when I want to stop but what story am I representing to my family and friends? Don’t we cheer for the person who has preserved through the toughest of trials? Don’t we wish for the same tenacity to endure? We all have it deep down. It’s a choice you make everyday to continue fighting the fight or choosing to step down and let “it” win.

You create the memories and the stories of what and who you represent. Be proud of your story. Cement your story into visuals to share later on…what story will be told about you when you’re gone? My husband and I are so proud of the man my nephew is becoming and can’t wait to see what he does in life!

What circumstances are you up against? How are you fighting to push through? Someday all this will be a memory…be proud of the memory you create.


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