Making your own Movie?

Whether you are a Mac or PC user, making home movies has certainly launched us behind the scenes instead of just behind the camera. There are both personal and professional reasons to make the most of moviemaking software in today’s world. This week we will explore the personal reasons and next week we will look at the professional reasons.

For instance:

Video Photo Albums – A video photo album can be much more exciting, accessible and engaging than a paper one. Start by filming or scanning your photos. Assemble them into a sequence and add some crossfades, titles and music. The result is a much more interesting display than a book of motionless images, thanks in part to iMovie’s Ken Burns effect. This emerging video form is becoming very popular.

Just for fun projects – Never again can anyone over the age of 8 complain that there’s “nothing to do.” Set them loose with a camcorder and instructions to make a fake rock video, commercial or documentary.

Interviews – You’re lucky enough to live in an age where you can manipulate video clips in a movie just as easily as you do words in a word processor. Capitalize on this fact. Create family histories. Film relatives who still remember the War, the Birth, the Immigration. Or create a time-capsule, time-lapse film: Ask your kids or your parent the same four questions every year on his or her birthday (such as, “What’s your greatest worry right now? or “If you had one wish…?” or “Where do you want to be in five years?”) Then, after 5 or 10 or 20 years, splice together the answers for an enlightening fast-forward through a human life.

credits: iMovie11 & iDVD by David Pogue & Aaron Miller


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