Stand out from the Crowd!

Last week we shared some fun personal ideas on how to make the most of your moviemaking software. ( This week we are going to explore the professional reasons.

Resume: You’re lucky enough to live in an age where you can manipulate video clips in a movie just as easily as you do words in a word processor. Capitalize on this fact. We’ve seen artsy professionals like graphic designers and photographers take advantage of their art and turn a two-dimensional resume into something creative. See link–>

You’re no longer limited by your lack of talent….video is here. Sharing your personality will never come off the paper like a video would showcase. If you’re lucky enough to have pictures that show your key strengths, use them in the video. In today’s economy, we need every tool to aid us in standing out from the crowd.

Analyze Performances: There’s no better way to improve your golf swing, tennis form, musical performance or public speaking style than to study footage of yourself.  If you’re a teacher, camp counselor or coach, film your students, campers or players so that they can benefit from self-analysis, too. Football coaches and players have done this for years to help prepare for their next game.

Broadcast segments: Want a taste of the real world? Call your cable TV company about its public-access channels. (As required by law, every cable company offers a channel or two for citizens to use for their own programming.) Find out the time and format restraints and then make a documentary, short film or other piece for real broadcast. Advertise the airing to every you know. It’s a small-time start but it’s real broadcasting.

Of course, you can skip the small time and upload your videos straight to CNN‘s iReport website. Here, amateur reporters post their own news items for all the world to watch. On occasion, CNN even turns to these videos for their nationwide broadcasts.


Credits: iMovie ’11 * iDVD by David Pogue & Aaron Miller


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