Starting over again with new Memories!

Please welcome our guest blogger, Mimi McPeak. Her family owns the successful gummy vitamin found in your local grocery store! I’m proud to say she is my sister, who I call my best friend!

It’s that time of the year again, where nervousness and trepidation set in over starting another school year. And that’s just the parents.
When you think of another school year, what comes to mind? The teachers? The homework you help with (or at least try to help)? The long, long car rider line, that you know if they just gave you one chance, you could improve in a heartbeat? My thoughts linger on the “newbies.” The littleĀ kindergartener, with their sweet innocence and eager to please attitude. Can you just imagine what’s going through their minds: Is it going to be hard? When do I eat lunch? Will my classmates like me? Is my teacher going to be nice? These questions can be daunting for a little five-year old. But they begin the school year, just like all the rest. And after just a few short weeks they fall into place and are laughing and playing and best of all, learning.
But, they’re not the only “newbies.” How about those just starting middle school? What a feeling, being the kings and queens of your elementary school, just to graduate and find yourself at the bottom of the food chain, again. And what do you think they are asking themselves as they are fidgeting with their outfit and touching up their hair: Is it going to be hard? When do I eat lunch? Will my classmates like me? Is my teacher going to be nice? Yes, like clockwork, the insecurities of starting over hit them again in middle school. But, like before, they begin to settle in after a few weeks, as if they were there all along. It may be a little bumpier than elementary school, but eventually, this too shall pass.
Until… you guessed it, Freshman year. This may be the toughest “newbie” yet. They think they’re adults, after all – they are in high school, but the reality of starting at the bottom of the food chain sets in on that first day, while timidly walking through the halls of what feels like a university. And what do they find themselves thinking… is it going to be hard? When do I eat lunch? Will my classmates like me? Is my teacher going to be nice? It’s a never-ending cycle. For generations children have become “newbies” over and over again, just to find their way to the top of the educational food chain, again. The trek is undeniably tough, especially when you’re the new guy and girl, but the memories and footprint left by children who grow into adults is a gift they give themselves and to our society. Good luck, “newbies,” we’re rooting for you!
PS – Should we tell them about college?

One response to “Starting over again with new Memories!

  1. Loved your depiction of a newbie–reminds me of how I felt (and still feel many times) moving to a new community as an adult! The changes and growth never stop!

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