A Different way to say Thank You!


Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

We’ve talked about how we take more pictures than ever but do less with them. Here’s an idea that only addresses one or two of them but it is a fun gift giving idea!

A few months back, I wanted to have a picture printed on a canvas to send as a thank you for a family’s hospitality. http://www.hsphoto.com was recommended and they did a wonderful job from customer service, on time delivery to the quality of the final product.

It was when I saw the final product I decided this would be a special way to thank clients for their business by taking one of their photos and making a 10×10 canvas print. Perhaps you were a guest in someone’s home and wanted to say thank you. A note is still special to receive since going to the mailbox usually means bills and magazines. But what if you were to take one of the pictures of the time you spent together and turned it into a canvas print for them along with the note!

What I love about http://www.hsphoto.com is all the ordering can be done online. You do not have to visit their site or even pick it up. You can, also, find them on Facebook at http://www.fb.com/hsphotolab

The next project I plan on doing with them is taking 20 photos from the different movies we have made and building a wall of canvas prints. It will look like the photos below. We’ll share our before and after wall shots with you!

Tell us what you think about this gift giving idea? If you use them, please tell them MovieMe sent you!



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