Overwhelmed with pictures? Learn how this client is being proactive!

Last weekend a couple/client took us out for dinner to thank us for the movie I made for their 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration. It was a great excuse to get together and spend time catching up. The Father knew his daughter was pulling pictures together for the movie but the Mother did not know. It was interesting to hear what was going on in their world, as their daughter was secretly trying to pull this off while on vacation – with her parents AND a slow internet line. When I would send a draft of the movie online, the daughter struggled with it starting and stopping due to the slow internet speed, which in turn caused her to be anxious, which in turn made Mom wonder what is going on??! It wasn’t funny at the time but it was funny at dinner to hear the story retold and how frustrated they were with each other. Thankfully, at the end of the day, it was worth every anxious nerve.

This family had already experienced a MovieMe product with their son’s graduation last year. In that movie, I snuck in some surprise interviews of her parents and parents-in-laws. After their daughter surprised everyone at the 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration with the ‘movie,’ the Mom told me she would never trust me at another family event! hahaha

The Mom shared how much she loves having the memories in this compiled format of a movie. So much so, she is proactively planning at storing all her photos, newspaper clippings, and video clips in one place for her next child graduating. We’ve talked about in previous blogs how difficult it is to start a project like this knowing the pictures are scattered around the house, in different boxes, in different rooms, still on the camera, etc…so it was interesting to hear a former client, who is now familiar with the process, to be proactive in keeping all raw footage, pictures and data in one place.

So you may not have the desire to dig and organize pictures/video clips from the past but keep a draw, envelope open for events moving forward. Start small and put together a short trailer that only requires 15-20 pictures. It still sends a message of love and who doesn’t like to receive a ‘movie’ made about them?!


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