Digital Overload – A Motivating Solution

By: Wendy Reynolds

I switched to a digital camera long before my girls were born. They are only five. So, their entire life is captured with digital photos, half of which are now burned onto compact discs. My old desktop computer was completely bogged down with the million photos I have taken, so I had to do something with them. About a year ago, I got worried that something might happen to the cds, so I started backing those up on an external hard drive. However, I only moved half the cds and then I grew weary of the annoying process. I really need to get motivated to finish this project before I have another million pictures saved on random camera cards. But I am probably already too late.

How in the world do busy, working parents find time to organize any of this stuff? Once I’m home from work and done with dinner, dishes, bath time, reading everything on Facebook, reading to my kids (notice what I read first – ha!), putting the kids to bed, guest blogging, etc…do you think I really want to bust out all the photo cds and completely overwhelm myself by trying to figure out which ones I’ve saved and which ones I haven’t? I think not. That would infringe on my couch potato time, my “me” time, my perfect “DVR with no commercial interruptions” time. This time is waaaaaaaayyy too important to give up. It’s what keeps me sane.

And then there is my video camera which has its own hard drive for storage. I currently have everything from random days as a stay-at-home mom when my twins were two years old to just yesterday when my five-year-olds were reciting the Bible verses they have learned at school this year. Which means that sacred Pre-K Graduation is on there somewhere also. Aaacckk! I need to do something with that stuff as well. What if something happens to the video camera? This is even more overwhelming than I thought. I think it’s couch potato time…and perhaps I may need a glass of wine first!

MovieMe…you are the pros…if you have any suggestions for these dilemmas, feel free to chime in. I’d love to hear it! Cheers!

By: MovieMe

Wendy presents a common problem expressed when people learn about my business. They love the idea of having a movie made and mention upcoming events like birthdays and anniversaries. After I explain needing the photos in order and encourage them to include some video clips, their eyes start to glaze over. The thought of tackling the volume of pictures and videos shuts them down before they even get started. I wish I had an easy answer for this problem.

There is no magical solution to help you overcome this task other than sharing my pain of almost losing 1855 video clips off my video camera just last week. I’ve been pretty disciplined of automatically downloading pictures and videos immediately onto my computer and labeling each event. And then I got lazy and the video clips started to pile up. I wasn’t worried because it was all right there on the camera or so I thought. Last week I finally attempted to download all 1855 clips and to my shock and horror, they wouldn’t download. I kept getting red “Error” message over and over. I panicked and kept trying to reboot the computer and video camera and same errors kept reappearing. Because I am an extremely determined person, I will work on something until it is fixed. I can’t tell you how many hours it took for me to figure out this work around but the picture below is my fix to the problem. This is a manual fix and is taking hours to restore but at least I got the clips back!

So what do I suggest to all you busy parents who look forward to that special downtime in the evening where you can and need to restore your sanity…steal 30 minutes of that time and start attacking your mountain of pictures and video clips and take baby steps of organizing. I thought I was safe with all my pictures and video clips on the latest technology and I almost lost it all. Let that be your motivation to get started today, well perhaps first thing tomorrow. Seriously, don’t lose all those memories. Start now.


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