Picture Perfect Thanksgiving

By: Wendy Reynolds – Guest Blogger (personal links at end of blog)

So, the day of Thanks is coming up this week. I am really looking forward to having 23 members of my family in my house! And, yes, I’m being serious. 🙂 Hosting Thanksgiving is such a joy for me! I love my family, and I love to eat. It’s the perfect holiday!

As a child, my mom hosted Thanksgiving for many years, and I also remember going to some of my Aunt’s houses. However, there are far too few pictures documenting these wonderful times…and I plan to change this. It may be a little difficult since I am usually the photographer and I am also the hostess extraordinaire, but I’m sure with 23 other people around we can manage to get someone to take the photos.

I want my girls to remember these special times, and even though I remember them without pictures, we all know how many memories one photo can muster up. The good, the bad and the dysfunctional! My sweet grandmother has since passed, and she was the glue that held my large family together. She didn’t care where we all gathered or what we ate, as long as we were all together. Like any family, we could love each other one minute and hate each other the next, but she taught us on a holiday you suck it up and take one for the team!

Although she is missed dearly for the second Thanksgiving, I know she will be smiling down on us when we all gather under one roof on Thursday. I am honored that roof is mine! And I urge all of you who are gathering on Thursday to choose a camera person. Capture these moments of our lives that truly matter. Put your arms around each other and be thankful for all that we have. And take as many pictures as you can…MovieMe can always help us sort them out later!

Happy Thanksgiving to all…be blessed!

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