Collecting Convenient Memories

by Guest Blogger, Wendy Reynolds

Welcome to 2013… which feels like an entirely new century to me (A.K.A. the proud owner of a new iPhone5). My birthday was over the holidays, and the iPhone is definitely my favorite (and only) present. The thing is simply amazing, and Siri could probably even cook dinner for me if I could figure out just the right way to ask.

So, while I was cruising around the app store in search of the perfect FREE apps, I stumbled across “Collect.” This app is basically a calendar which will remind you to take a picture every day. You can then create a caption for the picture and provide any detail you want. What a perfect idea…a digital diary to remind you of how exciting (or boring) your days are.


This is the only app that I allow to give me notifications. And every night around 7 p.m. it asks me if I have remembered to collect my photo of the day. Usually I haven’t, so there is an overwhelmingly large amount of pictures of my kids in their pajamas, but at least I can also write a couple sentences about my day.

I am grateful for this app because it will also help me stay organized. I can record milestones that my girls reach, which I can transfer to their baby books (eventually). And when we are on vacations later this year, I know I can choose my favorite photo of the day to highlight our trip. These possibilities excite me. And looking at my tiny screen-sized month of January covered in pictures of my girls makes me happy too.

I highly recommend the app, and I know there are probably others like it out there. But Collect is user-friendly, the reviews were good and the price was certainly right J And let’s face it, whatever I can do to conveniently make the days count surely works for me!

Happy Collecting!


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