Convert and Create your Memories


Last week we posted our first MovieMe commercial. Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment or a thumbs up!

It was an amazing experience to work with – Tom Clark. Not only does Tom have a production company but he has acted in several movies:


We’ve also been blessed using his service to narrate our movies. It’s really special to add narration on Celebration of Life movies when sharing the story about a loved one.

In June 2009, my husband and I made a decision for me to retire from my 20 year career. It was a decision I embraced and looked forward to contributing more to our family. Part of the contribution was securing our life events both with video and pictures. Initially, videotaping and photographing sporting events was just fun and my only New Year’s Resolution  was to capture as many memories as I could in a year.  I soon refined what I captured down to highlights, and eventually added music.

As my hobby grew, I asked friends for opportunities to make movies for them. It grew into doing more and more Movie projects until my friends of friends circle became strangers requesting a Movie. I was beyond thrilled because deep down under all the Hazardous Waste knowledge was a passion for putting someone’s story together in a beautiful unique way.


It’s more than a montage…I spend time finding the right song, lining up the words to help tell the story and ordering the pictures and video clips to maximize the emotional impact. In the Hazardous Waste industry, a typical phone call was demanding. Today a typical phone call is appreciation and tears. That part took some getting used to but now I see how putting pictures and video clips to the right kind of music at the right time can make a huge emotional impact.

This service is not for everyone but if you don’t have the time or not the type to create a movie on your own, we’d love to hear your story and make it come alive for you. The beauty of this new found career is I’m still at home and allows me to be committed to our initial family goal. A book that helped me navigate this next stage of life was called Quitter by Jon Acuff…good read.

In addition to making movies, I have formed a partnership with This partnership allows us to convert your VHS tapes, videotapes, 8mm film all to DVDs. Now all under one roof is the ability to Convert and Create your memories.

istock vcr

We appreciate the support and love we have seen over these past two years. Let us roll out the red carpet for you and make your memories come alive!

Flashing  lights over the red carpet big party night  awards


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