Photograph Faux Pas

By: Wendy Reynolds, our favorite guest blogger!

I would like to thank my 5-year-old for giving me blogging inspiration; however, I sure wasn’t thanking her at the time. That being said, I have learned a valuable lesson about the display of important photographs. Most of the photos of my girls from birth to present are housed on some type of electronic storage device. But mixed in-between my digital documentaries are the professional photos we have purchased through the years. A particular favorite session of mine was when the girls were 9 months old. They were old enough to sit up, so it made life easier for the photographer. We got some adorable shots of the girls sitting in a small white bathtub together. Where would you think it is appropriate to display photos of your children in the bathtub? Well, in the bathroom of course. Do you see where this is going?

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 3.17.30 PM

Last night, I was loading the dishwasher after dinner, and my other 5-year-old walked into the kitchen carrying one of my favorite framed bath tub photos. She said, “Look what sissy did to the picture, Mommy!” I immediately grabbed it from her and realized it was covered in water. And it was covered in enough water that it had seeped into the frame. And it had been long enough that the photo was now stuck to the glass. Anyone who has experienced this before knows what happens when you try to peel the photo from the glass. It is not a pretty picture…literally. I was so upset. This is one of the sessions where I did not splurge for the full disc of pictures with rights to the photos. We were a one-income household at that point, and having pictures at all was considered a luxury.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 3.33.05 PM

So, being the “quick-to-freak-out-slow-to-think-of-consequences” person that I am, I marched over to the bathroom to give “sissy” a piece of my mind. Her little eyes were like saucers as I approached her…already on my rampage about how important this photo was to me and how now it is ruined! She dropped the plastic tea pot (clearly the destructive device) into the sink, and ran to her room for cover. She was upset because she upset Mommy. Then I was upset because I upset her. And the tattling sissy was upset because we were both upset. My husband was upset with me because (from his point of view) this was MY fault. I was the one to put the photo on the bathroom counter in a KIDS bathroom. What did I expect? The only family member not upset at this point was the dog.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 3.39.21 PM

I went back to my dishes in the kitchen so I could stew in peace. Once I settled down, I quietly took the picture and frame into my closet. I have decided not to try and take it out of the frame. I just hope the spot covering the bottom left quarter of the photo doesn’t get any worse. And I guess it won’t since I took it out of the bathroom! Moral of the story…if the bathroom is ventilated from shower steam, it is fine to hang pictures on the wall. However, if the counter is small and/or used by anyone below the age of 21…do NOT place your favorite photos on the counter. No matter how tempting. One day I will personally thank my daughter for this valuable lesson, but for now I think I owe her at least one more day of the “evil eye.”

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One response to “Photograph Faux Pas

  1. I read this with one finger on the “report” button. 😉

    Just kidding. Geez.
    Great advice.
    Not the evil eye. Please!

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