Purses build Water Wells

A couple of weekends ago, I had the special opportunity to take part in a Purse Auction. The Purse Auction was held to raise money to build water wells. The ministry, http://www.WidowsMiteExperience.com, was formed back in 2004 and to date has funded over 400 wells and water projects. I’ve been to auctions before but never a purse auction. I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was held at my pseudo “Mother-in-Law’s” club. I preface her title because she is actually my husband’s former Mother-in-Law. We are all blessed to call each other family.


Back to the auction….I was asked to be a table host and invite 10 of my girlfriends. I was so overwhelmed with work I had only one girlfriend coming to the event and she eventually had to cancel. I was tempted to just send our donation but my husband said it was time for “smiling and dialing!” In all my sales years, I had never heard that phrase. haha Before I knew it I had 11 girls signed up. Each of them sounded intrigued and it was a fun excuse to see each other.


Each table host was encouraged to decorate their purse as a centerpiece and include gift certificates. Here’s a shot of our centerpiece:


My girlfriend, Dolores, is what bling is to jewelry. She blings with flowers and staging. She took a picture off my refrigerator, put it in a frame, grabbed my camera and video camera and there you have my stepdaughter topping off the purse in a beautiful way. You could bring a purse ‘gently used’ or knock off name brand purses, both of which sold very well. On a side note, my husband and I had decided to give a certain amount to this ministry before we knew about this auction. Since I had invited some girlfriends still in college and did not expect them to participate heavily in the auction, I came up with an idea. What if I spread our donation equally among the table? This allowed each friend to take part in the auction without the risk of spending outside their giving ability. It was so much fun to have an active bidding table! We were either raising the bidding in the room or my friends were winning purses.




During the bidding, we were reminded that mothers have no choice but to give their babies dirty water in a bottle due to the lack of clean running water. Nothing like a little motivation! How heart breaking, right?

We found out soon after the event, the Purse Auction raised over $21,000, which will build 10 wells, servicing about 10,000 people. Thanks to my girlfriend, Melinda Denison, for the pictures, a small montage was put together to try and capture the spirit of the day. The song “Come Believe” was actually written for this ministry by Amy Dowell with music by Chris Stanley.

Do you have a non-profit organization? Capture your fundraising events through pics/video clips and continue the message online to spread awareness. It was a privilege and an honor to take part in this Auction!


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