The “Other” Memories

Written by Guest Blogger, Wendy Reynolds!

What does the word “memories” mean to you? The first image that comes into my mind is of my children. And they are smiling. And waving. And it’s in slow motion. With a slight blur due to the sunshine coming down perfectly from the sky. HA! Hollywood hasn’t shaped our imaginations at all, has it? While most of the memories we care to hang on to are happy ones, it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a dose of reality by documenting some of the not-so-happy ones. These are usually the “funny, embarrassing or just plain mean” photos that are often used in the videos shown at your graduation party or rehearsal dinner.

I have a few really good ones saved up to use on my girls. There is one of Brooke screaming like a banshee in her crib because she didn’t want to nap at 9 months old.

The baby cries and calls mum from a bed

Then another one of Brooke sitting on the froggy potty with her dad’s glasses on.

Child on potty

And I could never forget the picture in front of the beautiful poinsettia plants at Gaylord Palms Resort where Brooke has her finger up her nose! Poor, poor Brooke. The embarrassed high school graduate. I’m sure I have some of her sister as well, but those come to my mind quite easily.

These are the photos that make you pause because they tell a story of life, reality and truth. Sure the posed, smiley professional photos are great to hang on the wall and admire, but what can compare to the photo that brings the big belly laugh from grandpa? Or the sheepish grin from across the room at the rehearsal dinner? Or the smiles of understanding from a lifetime of loving (and dealing) with one another?

So, I urge you to include these one-of-a-kind photos! When MovieMe is preparing a beautiful presentation for your next family gathering, throw in the funny ones! Show off the real side of life…the natural, un-posed, raw beauty of what we all go through. The child-rearing years are definitely some of the best (so they tell me). I’m right in the thick of it, so it’s hard to see past it…but I’m beginning to believe that I will wish for it back one day. And the funny photos I leave behind will be my best way to remember these “perfect-because-they’re-mine” memories!

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