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Vacation Bound – Making Memories with a New Camera

Welcome Wendy, one of our favorite bloggers!

My style of writing is very conversational. I usually just start on a whim from a single thought and go from there. This usually works for me, but apparently not when I’m so ready for a vacation from work that I could cry. My vacation starts the day after tomorrow, and I won’t return for 12 days. I cannot express how happy this thought makes me. I’m looking forward to 12 solid days of family togetherness.

Family Vacation New Memories

We are going on a trip, but not until the middle of next week. Before that, my girls will be going on their first field trip at school (with their mother in tow). The documenter will be present, of course. The day after that is their classroom Spring Party, and I just received word from their teacher that one of my little kittens will be getting Student of the Week. It’s Haley. The one I missed last time. The award will be given this Friday at chapel, and come hell or high water…Mommy will be there this time! Redemption is near. I can taste it.

student of the week award

As any of you with a full-time career know, preparation to be out of work for vacation is clearly the most stressful time of all. I have the type of job where answers cannot wait long, so I have to be sure to fully prepare the unassuming co-workers I am leaving behind. I probably over-prepare people for my absence, but hopefully they appreciate it. I do not like to be surprised by other people’s emergencies, so I tend to treat others as if they wouldn’t want to be surprised by mine.


So, tomorrow afternoon…once the last email update is sent and the out-of-office assistant is turned on, this mother will be a happy camper. I will be happy to just be “mom” for a while…also known as “memory documenter extraordinaire.” Doing what I love most, even if only for a short period of time. Snapping pictures and rolling video in the hopes that my children can share it with their children and so on. We are a happy family, lovers of life…and making good memories is what we do best! I am looking forward to our new adventures with my camera in hand.

New Camera New Memories

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Creative Client Movie Examples

Securing memories is not only limited to birthdays and anniversaries…here are some creative ideas clients have requested in recent months:


  • Anniversaries are a fun time to pull the memories together on how you met, dating life, marriage and kids. A recent client went a step further and dreamed of what his grandkids future reality might be like. See clip (music removed)

Image 1

  • Another client found several slide carousels of when their family took a trip across the nation in 1964. Fun to see the types of cars, outfits worn and what Disneyland looked like back then.


  • Recently a client was going to NYC and wanted DVDs of her daughter’s acting/singing/dancing career to hand out to prospective clients. See clip

Mary Caroline Owens headshot

  • The storyline for this particular movie was a Mom, who put a movie together of all the special moments between their Dad and their sons. She had her boys introduce each section. A creative idea instead of just using title slides.


Another client had several Videotapes converted with us and wanted just their son’s football game pulled out and several copies made for family. You don’t have to be extensive and tell a life story, sometimes sharing the weekend moments is a gift in of itself.


What unique story/moment would you put together?

Making your own Movie?

Whether you are a Mac or PC user, making home movies has certainly launched us behind the scenes instead of just behind the camera. There are both personal and professional reasons to make the most of moviemaking software in today’s world. This week we will explore the personal reasons and next week we will look at the professional reasons.

For instance:

Video Photo Albums – A video photo album can be much more exciting, accessible and engaging than a paper one. Start by filming or scanning your photos. Assemble them into a sequence and add some crossfades, titles and music. The result is a much more interesting display than a book of motionless images, thanks in part to iMovie’s Ken Burns effect. This emerging video form is becoming very popular.

Just for fun projects – Never again can anyone over the age of 8 complain that there’s “nothing to do.” Set them loose with a camcorder and instructions to make a fake rock video, commercial or documentary.

Interviews – You’re lucky enough to live in an age where you can manipulate video clips in a movie just as easily as you do words in a word processor. Capitalize on this fact. Create family histories. Film relatives who still remember the War, the Birth, the Immigration. Or create a time-capsule, time-lapse film: Ask your kids or your parent the same four questions every year on his or her birthday (such as, “What’s your greatest worry right now? or “If you had one wish…?” or “Where do you want to be in five years?”) Then, after 5 or 10 or 20 years, splice together the answers for an enlightening fast-forward through a human life.

credits: iMovie11 & iDVD by David Pogue & Aaron Miller


Hope you had a wonderful long weekend!

With regards to last week’s blog: , I had a response that perhaps might answer where I go with this situation. At the end of my blog, I posed the question of how does MovieMe! and folks who don’t have access to cameras tie together? A new friend of mine shared what Jeremy Cowart is doing to bring photographers/videographers together for those who wouldn’t normally have access to professional photography, including the homeless, single parents, the elderly, veterans and many more. It is called

Here is an excerpt from Jeremy Cowart’s blog:

Last year I was doing Help-Portrait in Seattle and I noticed a woman standing in the corner with her 4 kids. She seemed very quiet and lonely. So I went over and spent some time with her. I quickly learned that she had just moved from Palestine to Seattle. Her husband suddenly passed away a few weeks earlier from a heart attack. Then someone tried to kill her son by driving over him with a car as a part of the Israel/Palestine conflict. She had enough, packed up her stuff and somehow moved her family to Seattle. She said she hadn’t cooked or cleaned for weeks since being Seattle due to her severe depression.

But she somehow found out about Help-Portrait and brought her kids over. In her broken english, she explained to me that while her husband was alive, they never ONCE had a family picture taken together. Not one photo. So she handed me a photo of her husband and asked if I could add him into the photo to create their first ever family photo.

See how the story ends by going to:

My hope is to blend the photos into a short montage and bring awareness to the people involved. I’m excited about this opportunity to work together for a cause that creates memories for people, aligning with what I love to do…making memories come to life in the form of a movie.

Holiday Gift Suggestions

We’re all about capturing memories with cameras and video cameras but did you know there is a ball camera or that you could actually take a picture in the air with your fingers? Check out these unique gifts!

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