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5 Steps in Making a Funeral Video for a Loved One

Last week we received a phone call for a family preparing for a funeral. It’s already stressful ironing out all the logistics but it’s an additional strain trying to put a video together when you never have done one before.

I shared that we create Celebration of Life Movies (see example at the bottom,) that includes music and narration. We do not provide ‘funeral’ videos since most Funeral Homes now provide this service. This client wanted her ‘funeral’ video to be more customized than the Funeral Home was willing to provide so I walked her through some ideas to consider:

  1. Will you be showing the video before/after the funeral?  If showing before/after, you don’t need to worry about music choice since most people will not hear the video during this time, unless on a professional sound system.
  2. Will you be showing during the funeral?  If yes, consider the size of your audience. If large, keep video under 5 minutes. If more private and family oriented, 5-10 minutes might be appropriate.
  3. What photos to choose?  Choose your favorite photos if showing before/after. If showing during the funeral, you may need to include other photos that help tell the story of the person.
  4. Should the photos be in order?  If video shown before/after, order of pictures is not important because most likely folks will not see the video in its entirety. If shown during the funeral, try to have some order. You’re telling a story and people like to follow the order of events. 
  5. How many photos makes up a 5 minute video? Appx 60-75 pictures

We have found there is an increasing need for Celebration of Life Movies. This do not replace the funeral video but is something typically put together months later and shared with a larger group of family & friends. To view an example, see


More Suggestions on How to Organize Your Photos!


How do I organize all my photos?! It’s probably the most frequently asked question we get. We’ve shared suggestions throughout the past couple years but I love to see how other people get through this difficult task. Check out this blog I came across:

The One Video/Photographer Household

Please welcome back our guest blogger, Wendy!

Alright, I know I’m not the only one out there. I love to take pictures, and I have a pretty good understanding of what makes a good photograph. However, I am married to someone who barely knows how to turn a camera on. And wanting a picture of me and the kids that is either centered, in focus or close enough to see us at all? Forget about it! As us girls from the south say, “Bless his heart!” This endearing phrase is often code for, “What the heck is wrong with him/her?”

My constant battle with my children’s life events involve the inner turmoil of, “Who is going to take the still pictures?” or “Who is going to run the video camera?” but especially, “How can both of these people be me?!?” I often have to weigh my options and give up on one type of documentation. Either that or drive myself nuts switching back and forth. And then I saw the commercial for a new HTC-something cell phone where you can take photos from your videos!! Now I KNOW this phone was created by someone in the same predicament as me. Maybe the iPhone or some other cameras do the same thing, but this is the first I’ve heard of it.

 These thoughts take me back to my twin daughters’ Pre-K graduation. This was a huge milestone… considering they were finally old enough and well enough to graduate from anything. So, we get to the auditorium and secure a seat in the front row after practically snatching chairs from another family…hey…I’m serious about my documentation of events. I agonized about it all the way to the venue, and I probably subconsciously agonized from the moment I learn of said event. But those are my mental issues to be discussed elsewhere. Anyway, I decide I want some decent still pictures during the “ceremony” so I task my husband with the operation of the video camera. He starts asking me what he should do if his arm gets tired, is there something he can rest it on? Are you kidding?? Take one for the team here…I don’t care how tired your arm gets, keep recording! How long can this possibly be anyway? There are only 20 kids on the stage. So, the Principal gets on stage and I motion for hubby to start recording. A few minutes into it, the kids start saying the Pledge of Allegiance. It is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I look over at my husband to make SURE he is capturing this moment, and the video camera is facing the ground because he stood to put his hand on his heart.

Now, I love some patriotism just like the next warm-blooded American, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? He had turned the video camera off to give respect to the flag. THAT’S IT! He is FIRED! I gritted my teeth and calmly took the video camera from him, but not before giving him a look that could kill. I decided to forgo the still pictures that weren’t turning out well in the poor lighting anyway, and I recorded the rest of the 20 minute ceremony myself. I was irritated to say the least, and the old saying just keeps ringing true… “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” But since cloning myself and/or hiring a professional photographer to follow my family around are not options, I will just have to live with the agony of deciding which type of photography to use.

Ah yes…the perils of the one video/photographer household…perhaps MovieMe can help us with this serious epidemic!

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

The morning of 9.11.01, I was flying on an 8:15 am flight from Atlanta, GA to San Francisco, CA. I was in Corporate Sales for a Hazardous Waste firm and my territory was nationwide so hopping on a plane was a weekly occurrence. Gearing up for a 5 hour flight, I had my laptop out reviewing my presentation when less than 30 minutes into the flight the pilot announced that all flights were ordered to land by orders of the federal government.  Our new destination was Memphis, TN. With no internet service, we all speculated what could possibly land every plane in the country. World War III? a Meteor Shower? As much as we guessed, I can say that no one was particularly nervous nor did we have any idea of the gravity of the situation. Once we landed, cell phones were ringing off the hook then turning very silent as each of us listened to our loved ones telling us the news.

We departed from the plane and some of us headed to the Crown Room, which was standing room only. We were all fixated on the tv, which is where I saw the second tower fall. The room gasped in horror and the media started using language like “under attack.” Before, it was the awful demise of a plane accidentally hitting a building. Shortly after the second tower fell, an announcement by the Memphis Airport instructed us to evacuate the airport immediately. What?! How much of the country was under attack? We didn’t know, but we all moved quickly, asking complete strangers if we could catch a ride to our hotels. Mind you, first ones on the ground had exhausted out every rental car so many of us who landed later were stuck in Memphis for the night. I rode with 4 people I didn’t know and was dropped off at my hotel, grateful for a bed, but aching to be with my family back at home.

That evening I had some offers from friends to drive the 6 hours from Atlanta to Memphis to pick me up, but I chose to stay knowing I had a rental car reserved for 6am the next morning. I turned on the tv and learned it wasn’t limited to the Twin Towers, but the Pentagon and another plane crashed in PA. Wow, how did we not see this coming? I sat there for hours watching the tv in shock, calling all my family and friends to make sure everyone was okay and vice versa.

The next morning I woke up early and headed to the rental car agency at 5am because I wanted to make sure I got my car! Thankfully, it was available and I threw my bags in and headed home. You know how you can find yourself thinking and realize you haven’t had the radio on? So after about an hour driving I turned on the radio…it didn’t work. Ugh! Of all times, not to have access to the news. What it did make me pay attention to though was the beautiful countryside, more importantly almost every single home had a flag outside waving proudly. It kept me in tears almost the whole way. I was devastated by the terror of it all and at the same time proud of how we as a country came together within hours.

It took 6 months before I would fly again; eventually, overcoming the fear. I can’t imagine being on one of those planes or in those buildings. My heart goes out to all those who have passed, to all those who live with the daily physical wounds they survived that day and to a country, who has been scarred emotionally. From my perspective, I love how Andy Stanley frames it up in times of uncertainty, “It is about learning to follow through the valleys with confidence that God is in control and that his purposes personally and nationally will not be thwarted.” For more on this see

Keeping Memories Alive

Memories are precious thoughts that we keep in our minds about a particular person or object. A memory is a recollection- or being able to comprehend  and recall a specific event or moment in time. Memories are our history, we are what we have experienced.

These thoughts make up who we love now and whom we once loved.  Recalling or reflecting on a past memory helps keep that particular moment relevant or important. In maintaining your reflections on particular occurrences, you can determine which memories you want to preserve to last a lifetime. Giving yourself constant reminders of certain events from the past will keep that moment alive for the present and future. The best forum to do this is through photographs and video technology.


Wedding Day Memory idea!


Memory of a pregnancy..

With the new and upcoming technology, such as turning photographs into video footage, we can simply make any photo or “memory” last forever. So in developing and maintaining healthy relationships, it is imperative to hold onto these precious moments to strengthen and continue our relationships with loved ones.


Keeping photos around the house and in your phone acts as a constant reminder of happy moments in time you have shared with that particular loved one.  Another great way to keep happy memories in your mind is to hold onto special material things, such as a ticket stub to a baseball game to remember a certain date with your husband.


Another great idea is to keep your baby’s first picture and his hospital hat and frame both, this will be a constant reminder of when your child was born and the feelings you felt during that beautiful day.


Adding photos of loved ones to your flowers while you walk down the isle helps you feel the memory of that person more so they can be “present” during your wedding day.

Going back to a specific place that you once took a picture to reminisce on that memory is always a wonderful idea!

“ the End, all that really matters isn’t the things you did, but what its effects are today, not the knowledge you have learned, but how you applied it, not the words that were said, but how they made you feel, and most of all, not the moment of occurrence, but how its now just a part of our memory.. Everyday, we make memories.. Let’s paint lives with happy ones..”

Author- Unknown

So now that we have a better understanding of how to keep memories alive we should go out and make great new ones! Keeping the memory of a person alive can be easy as long as you remember. Memories are who we are, dreams are who we want to be. Make sure to capture every SPECIAL moment on film while you still can; so that later you can look back and smile!!

Thank you,

Brittaney Thayer

Last Minute Gift Ideas To Keep You From Becoming Ebenezer Screwed

Last Minute Gift Ideas To Keep You From Becoming Ebenezer Screwed.

Your MovieMe for Brides and Brides-to-be!

Last week we talked about some memorable unique ways to show your newly engaged partner how much you love them or tag your guests at a reception or even catch different points of view through the eyes of your guests. This week we will share ‘movie’ ideas that have been used by other brides.

Lately there has been an increase in couples sharing videos to ‘Save the Date.’ One couple we worked with chose to make a Valentine’s Day movie since they weren’t engaged yet. You can see it on this blog – it’s the first video. Or you can ‘like’ a page that showcases ‘Save the Date’ videos from time to time for ideas. It’s called We are different from the video companies, in that we take existing photos or video you already have and blend it together for a unique look.

It’s the day after your wedding and even though you are on your honeymoon, wouldn’t you love to see some photos from the wedding?! That is our speciality and why we’ve partnered up with Randall Granier Photography. An example of our work is These trailers are less than two minutes but are powerful. Randall’s team not only takes incredible pictures but also captures video of your special moments. We blend these together into a short trailer to share with family and friends shortly after your ceremony.

A different approach to having your wedding photos/video showcased is to blend both of them. Typically brides have to hire both a photographer and a videographer. A dear friend hired us to take her photos and set it to her favorite music. We did just that…here is her review:

” I am MovieMe.Co biggest fan! Danielle has taken pictures from my wedding day and placed these beautiful moments into a timeless video. I tear up every time I watch it. She was able to intuitively piece together my wedding and enhance the most important moments. She was very detailed and extremely open and responsive to any changes or add ons. My husband and I are kicking ourselves for even hiring a videographer because we enjoy watching Danielle’s video more than their actual footage of the wedding. Danielle, we can never thank you enough for such a priceless keepsake!” Akiliah Evans

And for all those brides whose wedding was years ago, consider pulling out your photos and any video you have, chose your favorite love songs and make a ‘movie’ for your next anniversary. You will cherish it in a special different way.

We would love to help you make these ideas come true. Leave us a comment on our facebook wall or if you’d rather email us at We now have a $100 credit giveaway on our facebook page Enter to win by ‘sharing’ our giveaway post. (final giveaways November 3 and 10, starting again on Monday) Many thanks for your interest in our blog!