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Surprisingly Perfect Days with Cherished Memories

By our guest blogger, Wendy Reynolds:

I am so glad I didn’t listen to the initial weather report that Siri provided to me on my drive home last Friday. I asked her what the weather was going to be like on Sunday in St. Augustine. For those of you who prefer Android, live under a rock or are over the age of 60…Siri is the name of the helpful voice inside the iPhone 4S and higher. Thinking she was being helpful, she told me it wasn’t looking so good on Sunday…complete with a temperature of 66 degrees and scattered thunderstorms. Ugh! There is no way I plan to take my kids back to the beach when it’s cold and/or rainy. Much less when it’s both.

So, we told my Aunt and Uncle from New Hampshire that we wouldn’t be able to join them in St. Augustine on Sunday, and we would shoot for next Friday instead. I was bummed, so you know how bummed my 5-year-olds must have been. Later that night, I looked at the extended report on the weather channel’s site. Much to my surprise, the LOW was 66 degrees (who cares?) and the chance of rain was 30%. Um…not sure why Siri felt the need to report only the negative stuff, but at this point I decided to ignore her.

What a beautiful day it turned out to be! We spent the morning on the beach and the girls played in the water and built sandcastles. After lunch, they wanted to go in the pool. Siri must have provided the pool water temperature, because even with the sun out, my little munchkins had purple lips and tears in their eyes. They were not happy. Oh no…how am I going to salvage the afternoon? That is when I decided to drive into downtown St. Augustine. I loaded up my girls and my Mom, and off we went on a mini adventure.

We took the bridge into St. Augustine, curved to the right and ended up in the parking lot of Castillo de San Marcos. When the girls saw some neat old building that resembled a castle, they were hooked.

We got out to go exploring, and had a great time! The girls seem to be intrigued with history now (much to their Dad’s pleasure), and it was so enjoyable to share one of my childhood experiences with them. To add to an already perfect trip, we got there right on time to watch (mainly hear) the cannons being fired.

Image 2 Image 3

It was one of those days that just couldn’t have been better! From the weather (sunny, breezy and beautiful – thank you very much!) to the spur of the moment plans that worked out just right…it was simply perfect!

Image 1

We now have plans to go back to St. Augustine as a family. Maybe ride the trolley from landmark to landmark and share the stories of the oldest city in the United States with our sweet girls! I love when they can experience things that we did as children, and of course I will be documenting it all along the way. Sunday was a gentle reminder that sometimes it’s the unexpected and unplanned days that turn out to be the best. Go ahead and take the family for a drive…and cherish the memories you find along the way!

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Girls Gone Sentimental

Welcome our guest blogger, Wendy Reynolds!

For my next memory capturing adventure, I’m hoping for a warmer time at the beach. Last month I couldn’t even take my jacket off in Anna Maria Island. This Friday, I am headed to St. Simons Island in Georgia for a little R&R with my cousins! No kids, no men, no cooking, no cleaning, no grocery shopping and plenty of fun to be had. We are attempting to make this an annual thing, and I can’t wait!! It may only be for two nights, but we’ll all take what we can get!

St. Simon's Island, GA

St. Simon’s Island, GA
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For this trip, I’m not worried about packing up any camera equipment. We captured plenty on our phones during our last trip to Savannah. Some of which was deleted the next morning for good reason. What happens in Savannah, stays in Savannah! I’m sure the same will ring true for St. Simons. We have dinner planned at The Rooftop on Friday night…which looks like a beautiful place, and then some dancing at Ziggy’s. As for the rest of the trip, who knows? We’ll have a pool, tiki bar and an ocean at our disposal. Sounds like we can figure something out!

It means so much to me that my cousins and I started doing this. Not only is it something to look forward to each year, but it also keeps us close like sisters. We make fun memories and plenty of inside jokes to carry us to the next trip. We plan things six months in advance just so we can be surprised by how fast life is passing us by. We stay connected because we understand when it’s all said and done, family is always there…no matter what.

In these busy, hectic lives of ours…we are taking a weekend off…together. We will remember these times forever, and cherish the memories made. Some memories will be documented, and others will just have to stay in our hearts for only us to share. I am blessed to have these women in my life, and I hope they know how thankful I am.

Are you capturing your vacation memories on your phone or cameras?

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Vacation Pictures by Kids – Smaller Points of View

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Last week was our COLD trip to the beach. Who knew the high would be in the 60s during the last week of March in FLORIDA?? Certainly not me when I made our reservations back in December. Oh well, we tried to make the best of it. My girls wore their sweatshirts and tennis shoes to play in the sand, and the fact that I haven’t had a pedicure recently never became an issue.

When packing for the trip, I made sure to bring all my camera equipment along. I charged the batteries for my Olympus SLR, my Canon G10 and both my girls’ point and shoot cameras. I even had my back-up batteries charged and brought extra memory cards of various sizes. I don’t know if it was the cold weather, or simply that I love the camera on my iPhone 5…but I never even unzipped my camera bag while I was there. It is so nice to carry something convenient around that happens to have a good camera on it. And the ability to send the pictures to friends and upload them to Facebook within seconds is hard to beat. I think phones are slowly taking the place of cameras that do nothing but…oh my goodness…take pictures!

However, my little photographers were requesting their cameras even before we got there. I may have gotten some great shots with my phone, but nothing evoked the joy I felt when reviewing what was on my girls’ cameras once we got home. I have decided to make this a tradition. I will make sure they are able to document whatever they want to on our vacations, and then I will burn it onto a CD and probably save it on my external hard drive for later enjoyment.

vacation pictures with kids

Vacation through the eyes of a 5-year-old is an amazing thing. From pictures of themselves in the mirror standing on the new bed, to photos of beautiful things in shops we would never buy…I was enamored by the simple beauty they captured. They took pictures of the inside of our cottage, the sandcastles and shells they found, along with pictures of each other making the goofy faces they reserve only for their twin sister. I can also appreciate the world from their height…I never realized how much they have to look up to see everything.  And the simple things they find worthy of capturing make me realize it really is all about the little things. Life sure is beautiful from these smaller points of view.

vacation pictures

What do you do with your pictures taken on vacation? Do your kids take pictures, as well?

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