About Us

MovieMe! is where pictures and video clips come together with music to make a movie, showcasing your memories. This business started as a hobby with videotaping and photographing my stepchildren. My husband loves videos and photos so as I learned how to maneuver around my iMac, I started to showcase more than just raw videos. I would highlight a football/rugby game with music or capture the fun scenes of a play my stepdaughter was in. Soon I was doing this for family and friends. When it crossed over into friends of friends, my husband suggested I might be on to something; hence, MovieMe! was born. I love putting movies together and hearing the reactions of how simply adding music to some treasured photos makes them come alive again. I always envied others who were able to work on their passion…I just never thought it would happen to me!

You can expect a blog posting every Tuesday evening, Friday Funnies Video and our work when a client gives us permission to post their ‘movie.’

Thanks for your interest in our blog. We look forward to making your movie. What MovieMe story would you like to create?


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